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Zainudin MZ meninggal dunia, Dai famous, Zainuddin MZ died, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Zainuddin also known as Preacher million people died after being treated at Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta.
"He died at 10:15 pm earlier in the RSPP," relatives said Zainuddin, KH Mahdi when contacted According to Mahdi, Zainuddin hospitalized since yesterday. "Go to last night after returning from out of town," he said.
Zainuddin, had been knocked unconscious before being taken to hospital. "Until the family home immediately bring to the RSPP because of fainting," said Mahdi. According to him, Zainuddin suffering from several diseases. "He, his blood sugar illness relapse, go up. His heart is also a relapse," he said.
Zainuddin Muhammad Zein so his full name was born in Jakarta on March 2, 1951. He completed all his school in Jakarta and completing undergraduate at the University of Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta. He received a doctorate honoris causa from the University Kebangsaan Malaysia.
Zainudin MZ meninggal dunia, Lectures religion demand a lot of people. Good to hear straight talk on every event, as well as radio and television. Success with that religious speech, Zainuddin called propagators million people.
Later he tried another fortune on political lines. Sign the United Development Party (PPP). He became the party's campaigners. The style and appeal to many people a choice he said. Together with the king of dangdut Rhoma Irama, Zainuddin around the area. The results are quite satisfactory.
The party was then engaged friction, Zainuddin joined PPP Reform gaining strength, which later transformed into the Reform Star Party. He even had time to become chairman of the party. Later friction occurs when there is a change of chairman. Zainuddin excused himself from politics and returned to give religious lectures.
Zainuddin's involvement in politics, not apart from the influence of Kyai Haji Idham. Zainudin MZ meninggal dunia,  Zainuddin long learning at the seminary's Idham Khalid who was one of PPP's deklarator.

Daniel Mananta Pegang Payudara Pretty

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Foto Daniel Mananta Pegang Payudara Pretty

Photo  Daniel Mananta Pegang Payudara Pretty is now circulating widely on the Internet hebohkan virtual world, for to this very day can not be ascertained tuk Where and who are the first uploader .. This photo of Daniel Mananta Hold Breast Pretty spreads in the Internet
From Photo Daniel Mananta Hold Breast Pretty looks if Daniel Mananta again posing Pretty ama (comedian) and also follows a friend Daniel. In the photo seen Daniel Mananta, on the part of his left hand holding a glass that allegedly contains the beverage alcohol ... Temporal part of his right hand like middle grasp Pretty breast. Next .. Tuk friend Daniel looks like about to lick breast Pretty
Photos Daniel Mananta Pegang Payudara Pretty is the latest gossip from Daniel Mananta the warm circulating on the internet ... Having previously made ​​throe upper Daniel exciting photo syahrini ama .. Until this very day there has been no confirmation of his rich picture about the mischievous vj Daniel Mananta breast holding pretty comedian Daniel himself from his party ..... songsman55 Sunday, June 5, 2011
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Boy Band SMASH Alami Star Syndrome

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Can not be denied that the popularity boysband Sm * sh (SMASH) skyrocketed and popular young man. Certainly the role of the media, both print, online and television who often proclaim, make them like this now.


But lately, not easy for the media to get information about the group with seven personnel youths. They always claim to busy with concert preparation, to the journalists who wanted to interview did not get a chance. SMASH experienced star syndrome?

Observer Music, Bens Leo reveals the media and the artist has a hand of cooperation to be maintained. Because an artist can be big because it is supported by the news media.

"But in my opinion, they were first popular because journalists. Not exactly if they change. They also do not yet established, because they have not got the album. If it appears, at least bring all four singles," said Bens Leo respond when contacted ®, Monday (6 / 6) evening.

"What they found was Kunto Hartono, he is a talent that was extraordinary. I know close to Kunto," said a former journalist.

While the interview questions that must be tied to pay, Bens own view is reasonable if the interview results to commercial interests. But outside it should not require payment to be a resource.

"Actually there is a requirement like that (pay). But that's if used for commercial. For example, he sang for the ad, it must be paid. For example, they interview and photos for a newspaper or a tabloid, but the photo was used for advertising. They are entitled to request a fee. If you've entered the ad so there should be in black and white, let no one harmed. This is used so that no case for the future, "he explained.

"Do not make it all the way to America. Yesterday alone, not long ago, Siti Nurhaliza was asked by some journalists to photograph, he was paid to be photographed. After being photographed, he immediately went away. Because of the deal like that," he continued exemplifies.

Bens pity if SMASH, who had just entered the world of country music to keep a distance with the media. Due to its own media connector with fans, who waited to hear his idol.

"Yes I regret, should not be like that. But I do not want to think negatively first. Maybe they refused an interview, perhaps one of his personnel were tired. They have seven tuh, his name is very important boysband his face once. Then enter infotainment face not good, it is not good either, "he explained.

On the other hand Bens also asked the journalists to act according to the rules, satisfy the element of decency that does not interfere with their comfort. Formal ways by sending a letter, also to be implemented.

"I think journalists should know the rules. The good news is we are asking for a formal interview by letter or email, together with a letter Kops. Well, if it is we do and do not want to be interviewed as well. Yes it kebangetan, it is questionable," he concluded.
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Raffi Ahmad Tak Beri Kado Yuni Shara

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Crossfade moments birthday which falls on June 3, then celebrated with his lover Raffi Ahmad abroad, specifically in Japan. As usual, the moment you age a moment to give something, but not for Raffi. This year Raffi does not give anything to Yuni.
Raffi Ahmad

"No, do not give us any surprise. No sempet buy, I do every day shooting, he also ngertilah not give a gift,"said Raffi on RCTI Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (7 / 6).

As is known, their relationship is long enough. This important moment can be used as a form of proof that their relationship more closely and seriously to get to the level of marriage.

"Well, God willing, yes, we are happy that important. Seriously serious hell just look at the future aja. Dikabarin deh later," he concluded.
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Foto ciuman briptu norman After a lot of getting sympathy from people with Indian wobble, First Brigadier Norman Kamaru begins attacked the news is not good. On the Internet, photographs of his kiss with a woman widely circulated.

The photo was spread and become material uploaded on the site talks since discussion forum. Pengunggahnya Follower account name. Follower admitted to get the photos from your facebook account owned by women who smooch with people suspected of Norman Kamaru it.

The foto ciuman briptu norman had been published since 3 May. Until now there has been no official confirmation from the concerned whether the photo was indeed himself, others or engineering.

Norman who asked for his comments after attending the foundation's invitation Dept could only cover his head with a jacket. Himself even now escorted by two policemen to get into the car.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Information Police Headquarters, Sr. Pol, Boy Raffi Amar said that if he did not know the circulation of foto ciuman briptu norman Norman.

"We'll first check the existence of the photographs. We will trace keberannya," said Boy, Thursday (5 / 5).


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News and video briptu norman kamaru about the Police Mobile Brigade unit members Gorontalo, briptu Norman Kamaru with the title "Shake Indian Youth Police much discussed in Yahoo! News. These links are clicked times 913 thousand, 49 thousand, click "Share" to Facebook, 528 retweet and 12,555 comments.

Not only that news and other video where he was getting "punished" by his unit, also reap a lot of comments on Yahoo! News. Noted the article entitled "Punishment For First briptu Norman Kamaru " gets clicked 814 thousand times, 9120 click "Share" to Facebook, 179 Retweet and 2998 comments.

In his press release received, Friday (4/8/2011), since April 6, until today, Yahoo has recorded more than 12 thousand comments on the news, and more than 49 thousand users have shared Yahoo! link to up and 528 users have to retweet the news via Twitter, "he said.

On 3 and 4 April, the Search Trends Yahoo! Indonesia is experiencing an increase in the search word "corps Mobile Brigade" (38.500%), "rocking india young cop" (8.675%) and "police rocking India" (5550%).

The news has spread that reap many positive comments from the users Yahoo, one of which is Novak S, which states that Norman First Brigadier video shows police figures were friendly and welcoming.

"This changes the perception of police" fierce "and associations that when he saw the police, one immediately remembers" ticket "," Novak said. briptu Norman Kamaru